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Enlivening Happy Habitats.

That’s what we do.

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Welcome to Habbit. We are the knowledge bearers to simplifying your life with innovative home solutions. We are the happy movement, the cradle of living good, inspiring everyday simplicity and wellness from the moment you wake up, till you go to bed. Reshaping everyday living, we bring innovative home solutions to turn daily chores to happy habits.

From Kitchenware, Home, Cleaning, Fitness and Health & Beauty products, we have a Habbit for every home. We believe everyone deserves a happy habitat and we are here to do just that.

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Enlivening Happy Habitats. That’s what we do.
We are all about Happy Habitats.

Brand Belief

We are all aboutHappy Habitats.

Bringing happy rituals possible to very home, every lifestyle. Everyday, We devote ourselves to adding zest to life. Putting joy in every household. Empowering the young and the young at heart with innovative home solutions that make life easier and chores breezier. At Habbit, real pleasure comes from habituating in solving problems for our customers...Happily going the extra mile always with a sincere smile.

At Habbit, every product is responsibly sourced, rigorously tested and expertly curated so that customers get not just the best product for their money but the best solutions for their lifestyle. Our idea of happy habitat is innovatively simple: To put the right products in the right hands, in every lifestyle, every household.

Experience Happy like never before.

Bring your every day to a new level, only with Habbit.

Experience Happy like never before.

Brand Vision

Everyone Deserves A Happy Habitat.

We have a simple vision...we believe that every household can be a happy habitat with simple yet innovative solutions and we are here to enliven that, to make it happen. Every home deserves a Habbit. Sprinkle your life with a little dose of fun. Don’t let the burdens of everyday wear you down. Join us in our pursuit of living good. Carefully curated home and lifestyle products that brightens your day.

Brand Mission

A Habbit in every Habitat.

Bringing innovative home solutions to turn daily chores to happy habits.

A Brand by JML Singapore

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Brand Vision

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